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El Almendro

Ever since its foundation in 1883, El Almendro has cultivated the vocation of the Almond Turron Confectionery, an ancient art based on tradition and love for its land.

The secret of El Almendro is simple — our ingredients and quality. Our products are made by combining the finest Ingredients using original recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation of Master Confectioners.

The origin of Turron is associated by some historians to a popular tale where a 13th century governor of the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain, ordered a cook to create a special dessert for his favorite mistress. As a result of such inspirational moment he created the Turron, a sweet that blends together ‘The fantastic taste of the Mediterranean Spanish almonds with the delicate and sweet sensation of the honey and the pure touch of sugar’.

Since then, El Almendro has been refined to a perfect collection of Almond Turron in which the original recipe is treated with exquisite care.

Do you know about all our turrons?

Almond Turron

250 gr.

Made with a very high proportion of toasted almonds, this Supreme Quality turron is the result of blending delicious almonds with caramel (honey and sugar) to which egg white is added to achieve...

Mini Bars

75 gr.

Innovative almond turron seasoned with salt.

Almond Turron

200 gr.

A very tasty turron made with grated coconut that will meet with the approval of even the most demanding lovers of this tropical fruit. 


El Almendro

A preparation method faithful to its centennial traditions

In El Almendro the quality starts in the purity of the raw material. Honey, sugar, almonds, eggs ... each ingredient is selected with great care to get an authentic flavor, which today, as always, will be loved and remembered.

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